I Love My Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Okay, total disclosure:  I love my robotic vacuum.  Not because it's such a hard worker and does an incredible job cleaning (which it does).  Not because it's small and compact and doesn't take up a lot space (also true).  And not because it's a gadget and I love gadgets (in my DNA).

I love my robotic vacuum because it's a ROBOT!

It's cute.  It has flashing lights and makes adorable electronic sounds.  Its random search for dirt is puppy-like as it crosses the floor, backing out of corners, pulling back from my one little stair, and changing its "mind" and turning on a dime to switch directions.  It's a toy.  It's a tool.

I can leave it alone to do the work.  It's quite capable and doesn't need my presence to cheer it on.  Yet it captures my attention and I watch it go about its business until I remember that it's there to serve me so I can do something else--read, write, watch a movie, go shopping.  Isn't technology great?

But the reasons I am crazy about my robot are the reasons I've created the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Guide for you.  Before you fall irrevocably in love (and trust me, you will), check out the fish in the sea.  Take a look at the robots out there, compare technologies with your home and your needs, and then make an educated purchase.

Want a robotic vacuum cleaner?  Of course.  But do a complete background check.  See what's up with the little guys.  Study the market trends.  Talk to your friends about your plans and tell them about the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Guide.  Come back for our frequent updates.  And then . . . follow your heart!